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Essay Contest: Changing the World

September 6, 2022
By Disneygirl_1 DIAMOND, Tenafly, New Jersey
Disneygirl_1 DIAMOND, Tenafly, New Jersey
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I opened a mini school for my younger sister and her friends when I was twelve.

It first started out while teaching my younger sister her math homework that she was struggling with. I enjoyed teaching my sister things because I got to share my knowledge with other her and not only keep it for myself. While I was in the midst of showing my sister how to find the answer to a particular problem, I realized that instead of helping just one person with her homework, I could help a lot more kids too.

I decided to open my very first class with the small, mini whiteboard I had in my room, inviting all of my sister’s friends to my house so I could help them with their homework that they were having trouble with.

Several kids came to my first class. I spent the majority of the time teaching them about mathematics and science since it was the subjects that they were having most trouble on. Many of the kids didn’t get it even after I explained it so I patiently explained those problems again in a simpler way. After a few times, all of them would understand how to answer the questions.
I enjoyed teaching those kids very much that I always looked forward to those weekly meetings that I held. Since I wanted to help them in the best way I could, I naturally studied harder than ever in my classes to teach the kids who took my classes something new everyday. I also got the joy of seeing amazing kids grow to be happy about their lives thanks to the classes.

Something that started out to be volunteers and trying to be nice turned out to become even a benefit for me even without me realizing. I learned more things and also got the joy of seeing those kids grow. It was a simple and small act but it still changed the world. For me and those kids.

The author's comments:

We can all work to change the world, everyone!

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