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Breaking Bread Crew (Essay Contest)

September 15, 2022
By Asherah1133 GOLD, Ensign, Kansas
Asherah1133 GOLD, Ensign, Kansas
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                                                    BBC. Breaking bread crew.                                             

This is a ministry that my mom, little sister and I started in September of last year. We prepare, cook and deliver meals for families, veterans and elderly who are struggling every Friday, it's also completely free of charge. There is unity in our community. We rely on donors to help us get canned goods and meats for our families. Some people donate to us anonymously and some donate outright. We deliver grocery boxes too sometimes if someone needs help in the middle of the week.                                                                              God has truly blessed us every step of the way; He always provides for us and our families, it is incredible! We do holiday meals so that's normally when we have a high number of people, in fact I believe when we did our Christmas meals, we broke our record and had over 50 people in need of meals!                                                                                                      We definitely have made lots of memories in the kitchen and I honestly couldn't imagine not doing what we do.                                                                                                               It all started when we hosted a youth group at our house and then it got cancelled but we had already cooked two dozen enchiladas and had no idea what to do with them. Mom put it out on Facebook that we had a dozen enchiladas if there was anyone struggling and needed a home cooked meal. And it kinda skyrocketed from there! At first, we thought that we'd just do a few families a week and then a few turned into ten into twenty and held steady in that number range and we haven't looked back since; nor have we ever regretted a single moment of our time spent being the hands and feet of Jesus.                                                                         We break bread with Jesus and His people. That is how we became the Breaking Bread Crew. BBC.

The author's comments:

Mom always says that kindness is like a domino effect. You show someone kindness whether it is paying for their groceries or paying for someone's meal behind you or maybe it's just giving them an honest compliment and walking away and then maybe they'll feel led to do the same and it just keeps on going. Kindness is a gift that keeps on giving. BUT when we do give, we should never expect anything in return. Because if we do that then we aren't giving for the right reasons.                

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