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My Moments

August 30, 2009
By Morgan Keller SILVER, Park City, Utah
Morgan Keller SILVER, Park City, Utah
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My most embarrassing moment, That’s a tough one I have had a lot of those. Like one time I was just walking in the hall talking to my friends, When all of a sudden I feel a sharp pain in my head. I stumbled back and looked around, I saw a open door. Was that what I ran into? It happened before in P.E. I was running an all of a sudden BAM! I fell over. Someone opened the guy’s locker room door. I was on the floor with a crowd of people around me. I felt a little lightheaded. Oh, and there was that time at lunch, When I had my water just sitting there. My friends and I were horsing around, When one of them knocked my water bottle over and it landed right on my lap. I had to go the rest of the day with my pants wet.

Of course added to all that embarrassment, I’m a clutz. Like the time we were all playing duck, duck, goose in the fields. It was my turn to be it, so I went around and when I finally picked someone they chased me around like usual. Then I fell face first on my back. Worst part is I got tagged.

There was that time on the first day of school a few years go. You know the doors, the ones that say Push and Pull. Well my school had those doors. I was ready for school I had my backpack, my new clothes, all my book’s, I was ready to walk through those doors. The only problem, Those doors weren’t ready for me. I walked full speed into the pull door. In front of all the kids in my class.
I’ve had a lot of embarrassing moments. I need to work on a few things. Number one, My coordination. Number two, Throwing away my water bottles. Last but definitely not least, reading and looking out for doors. Maybe I can prevent my future embarrassing moments.

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on Sep. 13 2009 at 3:04 am
Darkstar6265 GOLD, Centennial, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
Everything you have will someday be gone. Even if you don’t miss it now, you probably will later. So take pictures and hide them in your memories so you can recall them later after everything that is becomes everything that was. OR I know you’re hurting, even if it’s just when you’re alone and thoughts seem to rush into your head and you can’t seem to keep them from coming in. But there can be beauty in pain; Even though sometimes it’s hard to see.

This is hilarious... I'm sorry about your misfortune but this is awesome. And the writing in it is also very good, since I can totally see all of this going down.