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Falling asleep in class

August 27, 2009
By Anonymous

I was in third grade and we were half way through the year. The whole class was having reading time and I was in a corner on a bean bag. My friend Ben was sitting next to me reading his book. I was reading the hardy boys. It was a pretty good book.

All I remember was reading the last page of chapter 4. It was kinda weird because I was tired but I didn’t feel tired. I was reading and I suddenly became drowsy. I shook my head to try to stay awake but I didn’t work. My head started to bounce up and down and my eyes were slowly closing. I tried to fight it but I was to tired.

Then I finally dowsed off. I woke up to the sound of people calling my name. My eyes were still half closed and I could see the outline of one of my friends walking over to me and there was a big line of people waiting at the door. I knew in my head i had fallen asleep. My friend walked over and I could see it was Ben, he had a big smile across his face.

He walked over to me and said “graham come on we have to go to lunch sleepy” in front of the whole class and it was so embarrassing that my face turned bright red and i hid my face behind the book that was still in my hand.

So i got up and looked around and my whole class was smiling at me so lowering my head i walked to the back of the line with my face bright red and went off to lunch. and that was my embarrassing moment.

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