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Bicycle Adventure

September 3, 2009
By Ryota Tozawa BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
Ryota Tozawa BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
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“How boring! We may die with boredom. Do you have any idea to do?” My friends complained to me. Even though my two friends and I decide to play with, we did not have any idea. I considered about it, and then, one idea came to me that go faraway place where we do not know by bike. My friends agreed with my idea and we went back our house to prepare for it. Although it was the end of October, it was a warm day; therefore, I did not wear my jacket and gloves. After the preparation, we left our houses and started the journey. It was an aimless travel in which we decided the direction by paper- rock-scissors, whenever we came to a fork. We continued to pedal our bike about 2 hours. We were already tired, so we decide to go back to our house.

Because we chose the way by doing paper- rock- scissors, nobody knew the way back. We couldn’t know the direction to go back to house. “How can we go back our houses?” One of my friends said. “Let’s see… maybe I know the way to go back our houses. Follow me!!” The other friend said and started to pedal his bike. The pedal of my bike became heavier and heavier. As we pedal our bikes, I noticed that the air smells of rain and the sky became darker like ashes. It was hail which readily took our body temperature away. I felt pain like I was pierced by pen as hail hit me and we shivered in cold air. “My hand got numb, so I can not grip my handlebar tight.” I told my friends. Because they were wearing gloves, they could not understand may feels; therefore, they said “come on Ryota! We have to go back our house as soon as possible! We will catch a cold.” Due to hail and we almost lost the way, it was really hard way to go back to our house.

Consequently, I could arrive at my house by spending approximately 3 hours for the way back. I was exhausted because I pedal almost nearly 5 to 6 hours. When I arrived at my house, the pedal of my bike and my hand became really hard to move. Furthermore, my hands became really cold and I could not move my hand. I took a bath to warm my body. I felt my blood accelerate fast in my body with warmth. Because I was exhausted, I slept in the bath. After that, I realized that I should not do thing like I did. I regretted that I decided to go faraway town without enough preparation. I determined that I will plan when I do something adventures.

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