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Don't find it too late

September 3, 2009
By Kaori Aoki BRONZE, Bangkok, Texas
Kaori Aoki BRONZE, Bangkok, Texas
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“Definitely! It exists for you, Kaori.” My mother and I stared at a magazine which is about lists of all uniforms of private junior and senior high school in Japan. My mother found very pretty uniform from a hundred uniforms and then I loved at first sight. The pretty uniform is a blazer type, not a sailor uniform. Its school has university in England, and the school makes the uniform in England. The red checked skirt was a wraparound skirt, the socks were brown, and the blazer was a navy-blue. Those design and colors harmonized, and made the uniform elegance and charm. “I decided!” I yelled, and I thought that I could make a spectacular debut in this school.
I studied really hard; as a result, I could pass the entrance examination for the junior and senior high school which has pretty uniform. The day of an entrance ceremony, I wore the lovely uniform at first time with newly smelling like when you ride a new car. Then I hoped to be an elegant for my youth. When I entered a homeroom at first time, I really surprised that there were only girls who wore the same uniform as me. Yes. Because I was crazy about the uniform, I forgot about the school was the only girls’ private school.
The school was far away from my house so I had to take three trains, and it was taken for an hour and half. Because I was crazy about the uniform, I didn’t care about the location of the school. One day, I was on the train which was really crowded shoulder to shoulder and smelled like humid atmosphere after raining. “What is that?” I felt something terrible to my lower body. My prediction came true. I was molested by unknown salary man who had oily face. He poked my hip by his stumpy finger. It was my first experience so that I couldn’t do anything but in my mind, I screamed in shrill voice as if I saw a ghost. After a few munities later, I arrived at my station so I run away as fast as possible. Then, I regretted that I chose this charming uniform. A few months later, I heard that students of my school were easy to become victim of the molester because of the pretty uniform.
“You should cut your hair!” one day, I was admonished by a teacher who did no curricular guidance. Because of only girls’ private school, there were many school rules to make student to be lady. For example, student should wear the skirt which length was above five centimeters from knee, student should cut forelock was the length of the forelock is between eyes and nose, and student should put pretty mascot on the school bag. The school rules were very strict and I didn’t want to be restrained by the rules. I wanted to be free at that time because I wanted to make good life during I was teenager.
I had one more that I regretted after I entered school. I had a goal which I wanted to make boyfriend during I was in middle school with my pretty uniform and I would make blight youth. But my school was only girls’ school so there were no any boys. Therefore, the possibility of chance to make boyfriend decreased. My friends who went to the same elementary school and enrolled the public school where near my house already had boyfriends so they were in the flower of their youth. When I met one of my friends, she talked only about her boyfriend. While she was talking, I was really bored about her story. At the same time, I also felt that I wanted to have my boyfriend.
In conclusion, I had to check and research more about this school not only uniform. Because of I focused on the pretty uniform, I faced dangerous and bitter experiences. Therefore, I learned that I should more search and know the detail about things when I try to do something new and do not focus only one thing.

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