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keep curfew

September 6, 2009
By makoto esaki BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
makoto esaki BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
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?“I don’t have to be punished because this is all his fault!!” The old woman in front of me was shouting to the policemen and policemen were looks bored her hysteric behavior. I was frightened her because she tried to force me not to tell any advantageous fact for me. For example, I told Policeman” I was standing at this point”. But she said” No he didn’t. He was at this point”. Even after this, the all information I told was negated by her. But it’s no wonder. Who believes the 4th grader rather than an adult?
Anyway, I just hoped to finish this and go back to home. Actually, I had my fault and If I had not played with my friend at late, there would be happened nothing and I would not be here. ?

“Just ignore it” My friend said it. I got call from my mom which is warming to me the curfew. As I follow my friend’s words, I ignored it and kept eating snacks with my friends. I love him because he always offers my favorite snack, Karinto, a traditional Japanese snack food. Sweet and deep-fried, it is made by sugar. Originally, I had complaints about the curfew. 5 o’clock curfew is too fast for children. At 6 o’clock, I left at my friend’s house. In my mind, I was very upset because my mother would be angry. So I was very hurry to pedal bicycle without being carefully about accident. When I looked at signal, it was green so I didn’t care the cars. But When I opened my eyes next, a red car was in front of me. When I got up, I was lying down and many people gathered at me. I couldn’t understand what had happened me. The things I know are the much pain at my all parts of body, the broken my bicycle and tasted blood. I looked at my left leg and touched it but I didn’t feel anything on my leg and It’s like it’s not part of my body. Then an old women came to me and said” be careful!!” By these facts, I understood what’s happened to me. I was hit by the car.

Next day, I was asked the details of the day I was hit by the police. I and driver discussed what had happened yesterday. But the information I told and the driver told was different. And all police men believe in the driver’s saying because I was still child. Even though I told what I saw, the driver said”No” and denies me. For example, I said the signal was green but driver said it was not green and it was red. Of course, policemen believed what the driver said. I thought it’s not fair. I couldn’t understand why I was denied by the reason that I was still 10 years old. Policemen didn’t believe me and believed the driver. Finally the driver apologized me but the words didn’t come from her mind. For me, I felt it’s like manner on the face.

Finally the things I got were the broken bicycle, abuse and injury. Now, I think I have no fault without one thing. It is that I ignore my Mother’s call and played at late. As being hurry by going back to home, I didn’t care the cars. From this day, I’ve gone back to home as the time and I don’t want to be hit again. And I still hate the driver.

The most strongest part in my narrative essay is that when I was hit by the car. I think the describing what I saw and how I felt was very good.

The part that still needs work is that I have to study how to start the sentence. I think I always start the sentence like I, But, because, so and some simple words. so I want to get more vocabulary.

The main thing I learned about a personal narrative is that it is very difficult to explain the how, what, where, when, why and who deeply. because I don’t remember them and I didn’t have words to explain them.

In my next personal narrative, I would like to write the situation very clearly and think

One question I still have about personal narrative is about how many kinds of narrative essay there are except bad choice.

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