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my limit

September 6, 2009
By Chika yamada BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
Chika yamada BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
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“Let’s go down the hill!!” my elder friend curiously said. “I’m in,” I replied immediately because he was a powerful superior like a dictator, none of my friends unable to resist him. First we went down from middle of the slop then it was fun, so I decided follow him to try going down from top of the hill.

In a little while I followed him to go up the steep hill and I noticed it going to reach high place and highly regretted. I was acrophobia. Therefore, while getting higher and higher I began to hear the pounding my hart. And my foot are heavy as rock by unwilling mind. My foot was shrinking by seeing top of the tree. I convicted it was wrong that I was at here. “Now we are at the top!! Wow!! It was very high I want to fry out from here!!” He shouted with his husky loud voice. He looks really excited as preparing his rollerblade. He was ready and said, “I will go fast!!” all of a sudden, he was heading to under the hill. I fixed on his movement and it was super fast even I forgot respire. When he was arrived to down he looked up me and shouted out to me from under the hill. “It’s your turn!!” I gasped. I persuaded myself, “I can do it.” I draw a deep breath. And take a step forward for being ready to myself. The roller rattles by grind with an asphalt surface. The roller rolled faster and faster as I left the top. While I went down the hill, I looked up the blue sky and start to feel fresh wind and I felt being like a bird. Crisp spring air came into my nose and it made me comfort. Suddenly, when I looked forward, my feet were being uncontrollable and started slipping over. My two arms tried to take back my balance but it was too late. In the moment, I was flow in the air, “Bump!” after a while my hip struck jagged asphalt and scratched my pants. Unmanageable pain.

My friend hastily came behind me and asked me, “You okay?” with worried face. I strived to replay him so I attempted to move my body to his direction however, my hip was still produce painful numbness; even I could not regain my body. I tasted my salty tears and readied to scream. Therefore, my friend looked at me with guilty eyes and said, “Sorry about I let you to play it, I thought you can play it as I could.” As I waited for my pain to calm he gave his eye toward to the white plate that have some written things on it and his eyes were became full up with tears. “Why you crying?” I asked him. “I am older than you…I have responsibility.” He said with his tears eyes. It was notification that telling people to do not play around that area. When he came back to my place his face was full up with depression. “I think otherwise...,” Promptly told him, “It was not your fault.” at that time I was already in middle school so it was sure I could read the notification by myself but I did not.

After it happened I realized I have to be more responsible to myself as I grow up. And also I need to be more careful to decide what I am going to do or pay attention to notification. Furthermore, it is important to understand my limit any times when I start something.

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