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Movies, Planets, and Best Friends

October 27, 2009
By BridgetD96 SILVER, Southbury, Connecticut
BridgetD96 SILVER, Southbury, Connecticut
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You don’t know what you’ve got, ‘til it’s gone.
How many times have I heard that saying? For the record, it’s 100% correct.
Six months ago, I had a best friend. We always take best friends for granted, don’t we? Come on, classic movie scenario. Perfect pair of best friends. One’s life changes dramatically, other friend feels left out, results in a huge fight. Of course, before the credits roll, the pair makes up and everything is perfect again.
Yeah, that’s the not-so realistic part of it.
Six months ago, I had a best friend. And unlike all the movies you’ve seen, we’re not going to make up. I know this for sure.
My whole situation would actually make a pretty crappy movie.

Imagine this: Perfect pair of friends. Together forever since kindergarten. Two very similar planets, spinning closer and closer together. Ever heard of something called too close? When you’ve got a best friend as close as this, you being to realize that your other half has flaws. And when you’re this close, you can say whatever you want to the other one, without holding anything back. Bad thing or good thing?
And eventually all that unsaid angst begins screaming to get out. Yeah, this is the fight scene. The scene where each friend lets go of everything they’ve been holding inside, gives the other one what she’s had coming to her this whole time. This is where those two planets get so close; they smash headfirst into each other, and explode into smithereens. The end.
I was serious when I said it’d make a crappy movie.
Fight scene was six months ago. We have tried to act the make-up scene several times, but it just ends ended in screaming and tears and the realization that our planets are two damaged to ever spin next to each other ever again.
I see her every day, as much as I try not to. She’s got a new best friend, who, quite honesty, is a lot similar to me. I can’t help but wondering when that movie’s going to film it’s last scenes.
And as for me, I’ve got plenty of friends. A lot more than my once-best-friend has, as a matter of fact. I was always the more outgoing one of the two of us. I’m on good terms with most of the school, and have several groups that I’m considered a part of.
So as our now separate planets now go through daily life; school, friends, boys, family, I find myself realizing that our camera doesn’t have a rewind button. We’re not going back. She was a significant part of me, for a long time. Now she’s not. And that’s okay. I’m happy with where I am in the world, and I wish her only the best.

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twilighter_360 GOLD, NYOB, New Jersey
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thats an amazing personal story of yours