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Too Much Television

November 25, 2009
By john112233 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
john112233 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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The average person today watches 28 hours a week of television, according to the A.C. Nielson Co. This fruitless use of time does nothing but hurt the people. A comprehensive list of stats shows on average, by the age of 65, each person watches 2 million commercials. This time in between breaks is not even part of the main program, making watching TV even more useless.

The garbled messages sent by TV shows have a huge effect on viewers. Kids are especially hooked on watching of television because their minds are zealously obsessed with their favorite characters like child favorite SpongeBob. Not all shows are as sanguine in content as SpongeBob. As children get older, shows become graphic and violent. By the age of 18 the average watcher has seen 200,000 violent acts on TV. Watching violence over and over can show kids a poignant image of life that isn’t true. The problem worsens when kids are inundated with rage from bullies or other factors and turn to violence, learned from TV shows, to solve their problems.

Family time has become non-existent, replaced by phlegmatic children watching their weekday programming. Kids have to be coerced by starvation to break away from watching the TV. Social situations now involve corroborating with friends about last week’s Laguna Beach instead of living their own lives.

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