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What do you mean when you say, “Quiet”?

January 5, 2010
By ladytrojan GOLD, Millington, Tennessee
ladytrojan GOLD, Millington, Tennessee
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You know how they say, “The quiet one is the one you need to look out for”? Well me, I’m not quiet at all. Actually, I’m quite loud. I smile; I giggle. I love putting light in people’s lives. I love putting smiles on people’s faces. But, lets… rethink the saying. “The quiet one is the one you need to look out for.” Now, I’d like to think I’m a nice person. I’ve never been in a fight. I don’t usually pay attention to gossip, but it still stings my ear. When people are rude or unnecessarily cruel, anger boils up inside me. But still, I don’t say anything. I just watch, and listen. You could say I’m quiet. I know the expression, “When someone slaps you, turn the other cheek”. But soon, you start to run out of cheeks. I mean, what do you do, start using your butt cheeks? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Now when my anger hits its boiling point, steam does not come out of my ears; my face doesn’t turn red. I’ll smile at you. Then, I’ll sling out my words, and they’ll slap you in the face. You’ll stubble back a couple of steps and try to laugh it off. And I’ll turn and walk away. The mark is still on your face. It starts to sting a little, then burn. You forget all about it until you go home and you look in the mirror. And there, on your face, is a scar, right where my words slapped. Now, every time you pass me, my friends, or the person you were being so cruel to, in the hallway, that scar will burn. Kind of like Harry Potter’s scar burns when he gets close to Lord Voldemort. Now you know the real meaning behind the saying, “The quiet one is the one you need to look out for”.

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