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February 6, 2010
By crazy123 GOLD, Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
crazy123 GOLD, Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
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We have all done it. You know bully someone. That could include verbal abuse, gossiping,fowarding mean emails, and physical abuse.
I have been a bullied people before. At least that is how I saw it. It all happened in the beginning of the year. There was a girl in my school with a.d.d.On top of that she was fat and her mom hits her.
She always tried to hangout with me and my friends. We would just ignore her. Every Friday night we would go on movie dates. She asked to come, and we said yes. But we never told her what time the movie was.
One day we were walking to the buses, and I was telling my friend how much I hate this girl. Well the girl was right behind me. I told her I wasn't talking about her. She didn't believe me.
Then I realized wow, everyone in this school makes fun of her and hates her, and she knew it.
Boys make fun of her for being fat. Girls gossip about her behind her back. Bullying needs to stop in schools. Don't join in when people are being bullied. Break the bullying chain.

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