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The Corn Maze

September 6, 2010
By daneshzg GOLD, West Vancouver, Other
daneshzg GOLD, West Vancouver, Other
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I woke up today to the sound of a vacuum and under my warm blanket looked at the source of this annoying sound. I found myself staring at a hired worker saying “oh you’re awake!” I ignored the Asian man and went back to dream filled sleep. I woke just after he left realising I was still in my pjs I lifted myself out of bed and felt cold sloppy floor on my feet. “Don’t step on the floor honey, its wet!” shouted my mom from realising I woke up, but haven’t yet realised my feet where already on the wet ground… I decided to take my jeans and t-shirt on the chair I reached with difficulty from the edge of the bed with my closer hand. After finally reached the chair and grabbed the clothes. I sat changing in bed not risking standing for I shall get the bed wet, and not enjoying the slobbery jeans that had been on the floor. After a lot of thinking I finally stood up on the bed and jumped out the door thinking in midair “Dry ground, here I come.” Only when I landed, I realised the whole house is wet… I walked down the hallway shivering each time my feet touch the cold watered ground. I suddenly had a picture of 2012 and the tsunamis flooding the cities… I walked down the waterfall on the stair, and then onto the wooden floorboards…! DRY wooden floorboards! Hooray, said I the survivor of the end of the world. Then past the cheering in my head I heard my mom ask. No, Order me to cook some fried eggs MYSELF, so I put my hands on the pan and started cooking Daddy MC eggs one of dad’s famous recipes. Like the MC daddy burger, the daddy king chilly, or the Italian daddy spaghetti. After the fantastic daddy styled eggs were cooked and ate I decided to kill some time with the computer until peter comes to go to THE CORN MAZE. I had a very good feeling about it...

After an hour of time wasted on the videogames I heard the bell ring I ran down and opened the door and saw Peter standing at the door. In a minute we were in the car, and in an hour we were at the unbelievably big corn field. Amazed by its size we ran in as soon as we paid the not friendly looking farmers. The corn field confused us kids very badly. Peter, me and our older friend James were separated by the rest. When we had no hope I joked “perhaps we should break the rules and cut through the fields’ ha-ha.” The guys took it seriously and pushed me in. I cut through it regretting the rules and again and again until we ended up at section nine. James was amazed at how affective it worked out from sec3 to sec9. Then he made a call to the parents to find us there, but ignoring that fact I went to look for them James ran after me so did peter. We shouted for our parents every few steps, and since it had no effect James pulled out corn (which is breaking the rules again) and threw it above our heads thinking that our parents would see it but actually the farmers saw it instead… the big angry farmers… we walked on the bridge lookout to see if our parents were anywhere. James who saw our parents first cut across to them. While the angry farmer caught me, and Peter on the bridge. He started shouting “you broke both our rules and destroyed our crops you are going to follow me out!” We followed in shame and waited for our parents to arrive and go home… we finally got home at 9:00 pm tired and shameful. We decided to never go back.

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Yuyan said...
on Sep. 15 2010 at 9:41 am

Realize is American spelling, realise is British spelling. They are both correct.

Sorry I am not an English native speaker but not all the native speakers are literate.

Yuyan said...
on Sep. 15 2010 at 9:38 am

re·al·ize    /ˈriəˌlaɪz/ Show Spelled [ree-uh-lahyz] Show IPA verb, -ized, -iz·ing. –verb (used with object) 1. to grasp or understand clearly. 2. to make real; give reality to (a hope, fear, plan, etc.). 3. to bring vividly to the mind. 4. to convert into cash or money: to realize securities. 5. to obtain as a profit or income for oneself by trade, labor, or investment. 6. to bring as proceeds, as from a sale: The goods realized $1000. 7. Music . to sight-read on a keyboard instrument or write out in notation the full harmony and ornamentation indicated by (a figured bass). 8. Linguistics . to serve as an instance, representation, or embodiment of (an abstract linguistic element or category): In “Jack tripped,” the subject is realized by “Jack,” the predicate by “tripped,” and the past tense by “-ed.” –verb (used without object) 9. to convert property or goods into cash or money.

Use realise in a SentenceSee images of realiseSearch realise on the WebAlso, especially British , re·al·ise .

daneshzg GOLD said...
on Sep. 13 2010 at 8:55 pm
daneshzg GOLD, West Vancouver, Other
11 articles 0 photos 39 comments
Thank you for those POSITIVE words of my essay. I shall definitely work on my spelling ,since i can see you are concerned deeply.