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Making Choices

November 4, 2010
By slr511 BRONZE, Plaquemine, LA, Louisiana
slr511 BRONZE, Plaquemine, LA, Louisiana
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In life we have the responsibility of making our own choices. Choices we make can decide on our future. Sometimes we don’t have the courage to make our own choices. We have people make them for us. In life we make good choices, bad choices, and sometimes we don’t make choices at all. Choices deal with what the future will look like for us. People make choices that can lead us to good places. Choices can also lead us to bad places. Sometimes these choices lead us to nowhere. Here is a story of my friend who made a bad choice. She chose to smoke cigarettes. She sometimes snuck out of the house, to join her friends to smoke. Other times she slept outside, to hide from her parents. Every night, she would hide her cigarettes in her top drawer under her clothes. She kept this secret from her parents for a long time. This went on for about a year and her parents still didn’t find out. She soon realized, that smoking was bad for her. She decided to quit smoking and get on with her life. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t think about smoking. She knows that it is best if she doesn’t. This would be better for her and her health. She once gave me advice on not smoking. She said, “ Smoking is bad for you and it will destroy your life.”
We don’t realize this, but people die from smoking everyday. The main reason people die from smoking is, lung cancer. Teenagers don’t realize, once they start smoking they are messing up their whole lives.
My friend made a bad choices, but then realized she could make that bad choice good. The best choice she ever made, was to quit smoking for good. Smoking won’t solve any problems that we might have. If anyone ever asks for us teenagers to smoke, keep this in mind we can smoke only if we are willing to loose our lives.

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