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How I Published My First Book

December 17, 2010
By WolfenWarrior PLATINUM, Some City, Virginia
WolfenWarrior PLATINUM, Some City, Virginia
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I finished my first book in September. Yet, I decided to put the publishing of that book on hold so I could finish writing and publish another book that I had started. I wanted to publish the other book first because it happened to be a Christmas book, and I knew I could finish it in time for Christmas. I also knew that I wanted to publish my book myself.

As I worked on the book, I researched all of the things I would have to do in order to publish my book. I discovered that I would have to get a copyright number, ISBN number, barcode, and I would have to find someone to print my book. It was easy to find out how to get the first three things, but it took awhile to find a printing company. Finally, I found Premiere Colors, LLC. They were very nice to me, and explained everything very clearly.

Once I finished my book, I got right on the job of getting everything I needed. First, I went on the U.S. Copyright Office’s website and obtained the copyright number for my book, costing thirty-five dollars. Then, I went on the Browker site to purchase my ISBN number and barcode, which was one-hundred and eighty dollars. Wes Foxwell of Premiere Colors, LLC, did the cover art for me, and did a great job.

Finally, a hard copy of the book was printed for me look at, I told them a few things that needed to be fixed, and they fixed them. I told them it was fine to go ahead and print the fifty copies I wanted. I had to wait a nerve-racking twenty-four hours until they called me.

So, My Crazy Christmas was published, the total cost being about five-hundred dollars. I paid all but one-hundred dollars of the cost myself. Now I am saving money to publish my other book, the first in a very long series for teens.

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