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You Just Know

January 3, 2011
By kenziekins14 SILVER, Hemet, California
kenziekins14 SILVER, Hemet, California
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You just know

When you’re in love, everything seems to illuminate before your eyes. The sky is the brightest blue, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are singing in perfect harmony. Everything is just better. Love is such a powerful, dominating word. Some people wait their whole lives to experience the feeling. Some people throw the word around like its candy. Some people don’t believe such a word exists. Adults tell their kids that they are too young to know what love is, but who really does? Love can hit you when you least expect it. Knowing if it is true, time can only tell. Being in love can completely change one’s life. The feeling of being wanted and needed is uplifting and addicting. Knowing that you always have someone to turn to is assuring and warm. The sound of his voice calling you beautiful every time you walk into his arms is heartwarming and comforting. When you find that guy, you just know. You know by the way the chills crawl up your arms when he holds you. By the way you get butterflies as he is walking up to greet you. You know he is the one when you get dizzy when he kisses you and when your heart skips a beat when he looks into your eyes and tells you that he loves you. Love can’t be planned. If you meet a guy and you have to ask yourself if its love, be careful. If you meet a guy and you just know, then it’s real. Don’t search for the perfect guy, let love find its way to you.

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Lucky707 said...
on Jan. 6 2011 at 3:26 pm
Lucky707, Ukiah, California
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i dont believe that i think u can like someone but u cant love the person till u kno how he or she is alot of people dont kno the real meaning of love thats why when a pair a going out they say they love eachother but they end up breaking up that means that they dont love eachother they just liked the thought of the person i mean only 93% relationship during highschool accualy last to marrage

on Jan. 6 2011 at 1:35 pm
abeatleschick94 SILVER, Montvale, New Jersey
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this is beautiful and 100% true