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January 25, 2011
By Warren_Uzumaki DIAMOND, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
Warren_Uzumaki DIAMOND, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
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they say the mind bends and twists to deal with the horrors of life...
...some times the mind bends so much it snaps in two.

Love at first sight wastes less time

Now I bet you think you’re about to read some sad depressing story, of a fire, or divorce, or maybe a death in the family. Yet this isn’t one of those stories, but it still is one that has a lesson in it. Why does every story with inspiration have to be traumatic or sad? Why can’t it be a happier story. Isn’t it true that you find inspiration out of the most unlikely of places?

Sitting down with your family and just watching a movie doesn’t seem like much, but when it comes to the hidden messages in the movies, it really means a lot more than you first thought. It’s like eating a disgusting looking food like squid for the first time and realizing that it actually tastes good.What we see on the outside often masks whats really on the inside.

It was a normal day; there was nothing hectic going on to make the day seem as if everything around me was going at a hundred miles an hour. Just like any other day, we sat down to dinner with our stomachs feeling like empty pits. When we had all finished, one by one, my stepfather pulled out a new sci-fi movie he had bought that day. When I saw it, my heart started racing. It was the one movie I had been waiting to see for what seemed like a century.

About a year before I had seen the first one in the series, and instantly I was hooked like a bass caught on a line. So to be about to see the next thrilling chapter got me really excited. Movies have always excited me since my dad took me to them all the time when I lived with him. To me movies are like live action books being played out in front of me with more thrill than watching ink on a page.

Suddenly the lights went out, and the familiar sound of the opening credits of a movie came blaring out of the large sound system five feet in front of me. Next to me I felt my little brother bouncing up and down in as almost as much excitement that had built inside me.

The scene of the movie was set and the characters were finally in motion, like pawns on a chess board. Not five minutes into the movie, a huge fight scene had already erupted from my TV sent missiles and explosions fly out of the speakers. The room around me had become a battle field.

After the battle came to a grinding halt, the scene switched over to another main character as he got ready to leave for his first day of college. The thought of college echoing through my head made me think of my own future. I had never thought much of what I really wanted to do in my life. That though had always eluted my mind, got away like a balloon in the wind.

So for the next couple of comedy filled scenes, I thought of what I wanted to do. It made me wish my life could be as easy as a movie character’s, with an almost guaranteed happy ending. I knew that would never happen, and that sooner or later these thoughts would set the course for the rest of my life. The good thing was that the comedy kept me from sinking into depression like quicksand. It was the flotation device that kept me afloat.
Finally, after two or three scenes of laughter to ease the mood, another explosion filled one came rolling onto the screen. It was a huge fight scene:
the second main character fighting for his life against three fierce enemies ready to shred him like a piece of paper. Parts of both sides were flying everywhere like rain. One against three seemed like unfair odds, but the second main character was on the edge of victory. I could see him winning but my foreshadowing was wrong. Half way into the fight my favorite character was over whelmed and killed, his archenemy throwing him down like a rag doll.
At that moment I wanted to scream, “Get up!!” No words came out and it was too late, the last hope for the good to triumph over evil was gone. it was the last thing I had wanted to see, but it happened anyway. I thought at that moment that that is how it should be, the way life is. Nothing may seem to go your way but in the end you have to realize that every thing happens for a reason and that it will all work out in the end.
It was then time for the main character to run, run like a gazelle from a cheetah. Run so fast that the world seemed to blur around him, and that he did. He managed to escape from his own defeat, he lived to see another day.
After obtaining his freedom he set out to find all the info he could. In the face of defeat he had to go on, never give up. He wasn’t weakened because of the fall of the greatest help he had. Instead he was more determined then ever. My life was no where as bad as his at that moment but I had to keep the same philosophy. Bad moments may follow you like a shadow, but you have to be strong or they will bring you down.
So a few fast paced scenes later, the main character found himself halfway around the world in Egypt, with a way to bring his friend back to life. But would it even work? Was it even possible to bring the dead to life? There was no choice but to try. He had to believe any thing was possible, even if it wasn’t.
Deep in a cave, in the middle of the desert, he was surrounded by runes of our ancient Egyptian ancestors left behind, he found what he needed. An ancient device said to have power beyond imagination, power that could end the world, or bring the dead to life.

The worst was yet to come. He finally had what he needed to win the fight for Earth, but he had a long path riddled with enemies so fierce they are what nightmares are made of. So he had to run again with the love of his life in by his side. He had to be her guardian angel, her life was in his hands. They, together, ran across the ruins to the their fallen ally, but the main character was too involved with getting to his destination he never thought to watch out for his own life. The enemy came out from behind him and shot him through the air like a rag doll. Was he dead too?

At this point it looked like it was all over. His love was over him screaming for him to wake, her real feeling blossoming out like a flower as she told the main character, “I love you,” for the first time.

Back in reality, back where every thing was real, I shed a tear. It was the sheer emotion of the scene that gave a lesson, that through everything in life love is what you need the most. You always will need those beside you. Friends and family are what make life easier and worth the wild. They give us the strength to on no matter what happens.

Bright light then filled the TV, our main character finally woke dazed from his attack. He got up like nothing happened, like a true hero would, and valiantly strolled over to his friend and did what he had to, to breathe life back into him.

The finale of the motion picture was here. The second main character got up and walked off to the final battle tearing it up with a new found power. It taught me that when you are defeated your not weakened, no, if you can get the strength to get back up you will be stronger, like a phoenix rising form it’s ashes.

So that day not much happened. All it took was a insignificant movie, but in the end I learned that it’s the little things in life that mean the most.

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