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Home at Last

January 22, 2011
By rizzo.krystina GOLD, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
rizzo.krystina GOLD, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
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He left unexpectedly. He thought that he’d be able to make it on his own. Who needs a family? Apparently he didn’t. Determined to prove his family wrong, he put up a front when he visited his family. He tried to convince everyone that he was happy, but he could barely convince himself. Living with his girlfriend and her family sounded like a great idea at the time, but he was wrong. He didn’t visit his family a lot, only when he needed money. He never realized how excited his mom was to see him and because he would visit, she did anything she could to make him feel comfortable. He was a great manipulator and he knew that he could come and go anytime he pleased. His mom was vulnerable and was constantly getting hurt. She would have breakdowns when she thought of her son; he made her worry so much. His dad was disappointed. He watched his wife in pain and it broke his heart. On the other hand, his brother hated him and his sister tried to hate him too, but it never worked.

At one point he hadn’t talked to anyone for a long period of time and it really affected his family. For all they knew, he could’ve been dead. They knew that his girlfriend and her family was crazy and they tried telling him that and regardless of what they said, he wasn’t apprehensive. He did what he wanted…nothing more to it.

His brother never called him; he was so livid that he couldn’t even begin to talk to him without yelling. His sister was different. Even though she said she didn’t care, she constantly called him and begged for him to come home. His girlfriend verbally abused her to a point where she sat in her room and cried herself to sleep, but that didn’t stop her, for some reason she didn’t give up. After having hope that he’d come home for over a year, she gave up. She finally reached her tipping point. She was so sick of being antagonized by his girlfriend and the day that he told her he wanted nothing to with her anymore, she gave up. She no longer wanted any contact with him. She hated him. Now both his brother and sister hated him. He lost half of his family…yet he still did what he did and didn’t care.

He had no respect for himself, nor did his girlfriend. He let her walk all over him…even when she disrespected his family. When he did stick up for himself, she hit him. Even worse, her mom hit him. How could he live in a house like that? What was one thing that could possibly be good about them? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

He wanted to see a psychologist; he was trying to reach out for help. But his girlfriend and her family didn’t let him. They manipulated him into thinking that he was fine…and he fell for it. After a year and a half, he finally realized how miserable he was. He wanted to leave.

The night he went home was the best feeling. He sat in the backyard and smoked one cigarette after the other. His brother refused to talk to him, but he asked to see his sister. So she came outside and tried to stay calm, but as soon as she saw him, she started crying. He ran up to her and gave her a big hug. He said how sorry he was and didn’t let go of her. Then he told her he loved her and kissed her on the cheek. He never did that before.

The author's comments:
This took me a long time to finish because it was very emotional while writing it. Once I finished it, I felt so much relief, in a way freedom.

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