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My Skateboarding Story

February 14, 2008
By Anonymous

The first time I ever saw a skateboard was when I was 5. My friend introduced me when I saw him doing ollies, grinds, and kickflips. After I started to skateboard I got hooked on to it fast. Have you ever felt like when u accomplished something and felt happy about it, like for example if u got a good grade on a report card? Well that is the same thing in skateboarding. Every time u land a new trick u feel great like u accomplished something u really worked hard to do.

When I began to grow up I started to skate with other friends that were better than me. My friend Thomas and Brandon taught me how to do new tricks like kickflips and pop shuv its. Thomas and I began to be great friends ever since 4th grade then I started to skate with him. Every time Thomas, Brandon, and I started to skate we began to be better at skating.

Thomas taught me skate terms, skateboard parts, and specific skateboards. Thomas taught my how to know what kind of skateboard/parts to buy, like for example if you want a small board u would probably get a 7.75” by 31.5. And for the parts you would probably get 51mm wheel, (doesn’t matter what kind of wheels u get as long as they work) bones reds bearings (cost around 15$ but if u want good bearings you would get bones swiss), and u should get Ventures, Krux, Thunders, or Royals.

Even since now when we are in 8th grade we still go skateboarding, but Brandon had to move which was very sad but we still see him in holidays. We go skate with Wingreg which was a good friend of mine since 2nd grade.
So I thank you skateboarding for giving my good friends, good times, and good memories.

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