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Till Death Do Us Part

February 28, 2008
By Anonymous

It was easter day and everyone was having so much fun coloring eggs, doing the easter egg hunt, eating a big lunch, and having entertaining conversation amongst the family. Today was one of my favorite days because this year we got to host easter at our house! I don’t know what could of gone wrong with this day except for the fact that we were celebrating ‘jesus’s’ resurrection. I was having so much fun and for once my cousin Morgan wasn’t a spoiled brat that day. It was about four thirty and everyone was tired and needed a nap. My grandma and grandpa also known and mammoo and pappoo were going out to see pappoo’s mom granny, out at the nursing home.

“Anyone wanna come with?!” said Pappoo

“Ugh. I’m tired.” said Uncle James

“I think I’m gunna go home and take a long nap.” Said Rayne

“Ok then we’ll see you all later.” Pappoo said
As everyone was hugging and saying their goodbye’s I went into my room to watch Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge a movie on the tour for My Chemical Romance, that I was borrowing from a friend. After I was done watching that on my lap top I closed it and turned on some regular television. A couple hours passed and my mom’s cell phone rang.

“Hello?” my mom answered

“Theressa you need to come out to the nursing home, the doctor says she may only live until tomorrow.”

“Is that what they said?” my mom questioned

“Yeah the kids might want to say there goodbye’s.”

“Ok we’ll be out there in about ten minutes.” my mom said

I heard my mom talking on the phone we must be going somewhere of course. My mom called us out to the living room and told us to get our shoes on. We all bundled into the car and started driving. My mom began to tell us where and why we were going to hilcrest home. She said she didn’t believe that granny was going to die because they had told her she was plenty of times and they were wrong. So now I wasn’t to worried about it, but she hadn’t said that granny was very sick and had been for months now. Soon enough we arrived at the nursing home. We asked the lady at the desk where her room was and walked to it. She was just laying there helpless and cold. I looked around the room and saw my cousins staring and crying.

“Is she breathing?” I asked

“Yes.” Mammoo said

She told the cousins and I to say our goodbye’s and tell her how much we love her. I had something to say other than my goodbye’s. As everyone went around it was eventually my turn to say something.

“Granny I’m going to miss coming out here and seeing you, I love you and I wish it didn’t have to be this way, I should of spent more time with you.” I felt tears swell from my tear ducts. They formed what was like a small stream growing on my face, they were warm and unpleasant. The pain was almost unbearable. As I sat there watching her die and thinking about how shes trying to grasp air and live for one more day she can’t. Soon her whole body would just collapse and there was nothing I could do. I couldn’t stop her from dieing and neither could god.

The nurse came into the room and to take check her heart beat. I held my breath for those few seconds.

“she’s gone.” the nurse hated breaking the news.

I let out my breath and more tears. This was the last time I cry for a dead loved one. It’s too much for my heart to bear the pain i’ve experienced today. Today I could feel my heart die off a little inside oh well.

A couple days later I found myself at the vandemoore funeral home. At this time it was just family visiting hours. My Uncle Michael, Aunt Angie, and my cousins Cassie and Mackenzie came up from Texas to see Granny one last time before she was put in a dark, cold, and lonely hole deep beneath the earth’s ground. There was a video with pictures on two televisions, soft music to keep the children calm, and nice decor. Even my cousin Shauna who is just as careless as me came to see her. I walked over to see her cold body lay. She looked so happy and serene, she was wearing a pink and white striped furry robe, Mammoo had said she was saving it to be buried in. I went into the little kitchen and poured myself some coffee. I brought paper and a pen then sat at the wooden table, I wrote a poem to put in her coffin.

A couple hours later people started coming I didn’t ven know to comfort me and my family. But the last people I thought would come to comfort me were the three people who walked through the door next.

Eric, Jake, and Chris walked in and they each gave me a big hug. At the time I was dating Jake at the time and my uncle interrogated him but found that he was a good kid. Well, he was then.

Later that day we rode about two hours to the burial ground. I watched the men lower her coffin into the ground. It was over, Granny was gone and the only way I could see her was vivid pictures only in my mind. So Long and Goodnight.

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