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Life is Like a Roller Coaster

February 29, 2008
By Anonymous

Life is like a roller coaster. With all the twists and turns, ups and downs,and even round and rounds! It's crazy thinking how life can be!

It was a Saturday, the wind was blowing, the sun was shining, it was a perfect day for anything to happen. A few weeks ago we had bought a van for when we go on all our long trips. We had decided to bring it to Bud and Doug's car dealer to get it cleaned because it had a smoky,dirty smell to it. But today someone called us saying that it was clean and ready to be picked up. So that's what we decided to do. But in order to pick up the van my grandma would have to drive us there since my dad was at work.

Later in the afternoon I was reading my book when all of the sudden I heard the door bell ring. I quietly slipped off the couch to see who it was before I opened the door. I looked through the window. Then once I realized it was my grandma I opened the door for her. “What are you doing here grandma?”I asked . “Well I came to drive you to get your van,”said Grandma.

“Oh,” I said. After a while when everyone was ready, we all climbed into the car. My brother sat in the front seat and my mom and I sat in the back seat.

We were half way there when my mom asked my Grandma a question. While the conversation
went on we approached a 4-way stop light. When the light turned red she stopped the car looked both ways and started to go. Then WHAM !!!!! All of the sudden I couldn't breath, my heart was pounding through my chest, I felt a thump on my head as my mom slams against me. I hear glass shatter. It goes down my shirt and pants. Everyone rushes out of the car. Everyone is worried and crying. I realize that we had been in a car accident. I look toward the car, it has been hit into a 180 degree angle facing directly opposite than the way we were going. The left side looked liked a crumpled piece of paper. Then I slowly look down to the ground. There lying on a bent and broken sign is my mom, she is hurt and can't get up. When the ambulance comes she is taken to the hospital. Then after a while she is put in the x-ray room, when she comes out, she tells us that she will be fine and that she has only tore a small muscle in her back. Then we go home.

Life is like a Roller Coaster, first I was excited, and happy then 3 minutes later I'm sad, worried, scared and nervous! It's a roller coaster that just keeps going and going, it never stops.

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Favorite Quote:
There is nothing to fear in Life it is only to be understood.

I loved how you started with the methaphor keep writing.