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A New Life

March 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever thought that parents make mistakes too? Memories of my childhood and parents are really thin, but let me tell you my story. It was going on for a long time...I think. My father was not always there for us, my mom smoking, and the unclean house. It was night; the sky was a deep navy blue, when my Mom, my brothers, and I heard the three hard knocks on our apartment door. Dad wasn’t there because he was in jail by that time for assault and battery…on me. We saw the red and blue flashing lights outside and heard, “It’s the police.” I don’t remember who, but someone opened the door to reveal two tall and trim policemen. The policemen escorted my brothers and me out to their cars, while my mom staggered behind shedding tears. The street was quiet as though a whisper needed to be heard, and the neighbors came out to watch the commotion, the world seemed to watch what was happening. “You can’t take them away from me. You can’t,” cried my mom. One of the cops replied gently, “We have to Miss. This is no place to bring up children. They’ll be in good hands.” I decided to go to the farthest police car with my younger brother, Alec, to avoid the neighbors’ looks. I somehow felt ashamed. The policeman turned his car key in the ignition and the vehicle rumbled to life. We drove away from my apartment, neighbors, and my mom leaving them behind. The night zoomed by in a blur. One minute I’m being whisked away from my mom, the next I’m in a policeman’s car, and now I find myself in a foster home with my brothers. For three straight years I lived with a very nice family with my brothers in the town of Leominster. On the third year of my stay at the foster home, I met this very weird but lively couple. That moment had changed everything that was going to happen to me. A major turning point in my life occurred when my brothers and I were adopted.

Being adopted was a difficult and exciting turning point for me that made a huge impact on my life. One way being adopted has made an impact on me, is that I am now living in a much safer environment and community. I no longer have to succumb to what people called a ramshackle, or just a congested and cluttered home. Another reason why adoption made an impact on me is that I am getting a much better education than I would have received. I used to have to scamper to school to get there on time because my parents had failed to wake me up, or were just not home, but not anymore. Lastly, and I think most importantly, the fact that I am not being raised by my birth parents was the biggest impact. Don’t get me wrong about this; I love both my parents that I have now. It’s just that I often wonder what if I was never taken away from my mom. Would I be as happy as I am now? I can still hear the soft buzz the policemen’s car made and my mom’s cries resonating in my ear. It was awkward at first calling my parents ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ because I was basically without “real” parents for three years. My mom and dad always gently tell me that it was not my fault, that even though my birth parents made some wrong decisions, they loved me with all their heart. I am truly thankful for being adopted by my parents. They have taught me not to fear the past and that the mistakes that one makes do not cover the love someone has for you.

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