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A Life of Their Own

February 25, 2011
By Anyalisse PLATINUM, Gering, Nebraska
Anyalisse PLATINUM, Gering, Nebraska
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Twinkling lives so far above me and yet so close, glittering amongst the infinite blackness that surrounds everyone when the King bows his head to his Queen and allows her to take her reign. She dances across the onyx blanket, each night in a new robe each as splendorous as the last. Her two favorites are also mine. Her whitest and fullest, the one that shines the brightest in the blackness, and her black one. The one she wear to find out who is truly paying attention to her. I still look for her on those nights when she wishes to blend into her sky and allow her children to take the attention.

The stars glitter and talk to one another every night. Nearly making music with their light. Such hope they bring into this world. When I look at the stars I dream. I dream of all the amazing things that might be possible or I just sit and admire the beauty that still lingers in a world so filled with hate, malice, and violence. I try so hard to hear the song that stars sing but perhaps it not for my ears.

Such tiny things to me and yet they are so powerful.

Everything in this world is looked down upon and we never see how powerful it truly is until we see it up close. Either that or simply fail to see the beauty in something that is absolutely stunning.

Snow can be a hazard. It really stinks to drive in it but when you see it at night it glitters like diamonds in the pale moonlight. The individual crystals reflecting the light like mirrors and we sit there and grumble.

Wind can also be annoying and I'll vouch for that, but on a warm day you can close your eyes, spread your arms out and it feels as if you're flying.

Leaves are another one. They get in the way, make your yard look terrible, and make you look lazy if you don't rake them ASAP. I love the smell of freshly fallen leaves and I love the sound the make when they crunch beneath my feet. Diving into a leaf pile with your children or siblings is one of the best things ever and you will remember that for the rest of your life. I remember one time that I was walking through the forest with my sister and we were just talking up a storm. All at once I told her to be quiet and we just continued walking while shuffling our feet through the leaves. After a minute I turned to her and said; “Every now and then I like to pause and let Nature stick in a few words”.

I guess the point is I want you to, wherever you are, pause for a few moments and let Nature put in a few words. Listen to the wind howl, watch the lightning, try and get the lions to roar at the zoo, dance in the rain, watch the snow sparkle in the moonlight. Just something out of the ordinary and you would be surprised at what it could do to change the way you think.

Maybe I'll be able to catch a little bit of the star's song next time or maybe spot the Queen in her blackened robe. I just need to open my eyes a little wider and keep my mind as open as it was when I was six and chasing dragons with plastic swords.

The author's comments:
I think this really says it all. There is a lot of bad stuff in the world and in our eyes is kind of outweighs the good, but in reality it doesn't. We just need to look harder. Take off the blinders that life has made us wear and re-open our minds, but that doesn't mean we get to ignore the bad stuff in life too. Pay attention but even it out. There is SO much beauty in the world aaaaaannnnnnnddd I'm a SAP!

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