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March 26, 2011
By jcampgirl PLATINUM, New Caney, Texas
jcampgirl PLATINUM, New Caney, Texas
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Benjamin William

The first time I saw him was at a camp meeting, it was December. His mother was holding him. He was canetied to meshens. And I felt uncomtable. I hug out with the pepol there. Unsaved at the time. As a played air hocky and other games, I tried to avoid looking thare dercshon. It just made me fell bad inside. A little child not even a year old. Conetied to meshens. The service was about to start. But as I made my self look that way again, it was not the mother holding him this time. It was his older sister. One who I whod latter learn name was Bethany, and later call my friend. I was dumfounded at what I saw, this girl, younger then I, was holding her dieing baby brother. The look on her face, was not one of sorrow or shame, but the look on her face was one of love true and undefiled love. As I stood there almost unable to move, I starred at this girl. But it was not just the look of love on her face that shocked me, but the look of peace. As I sat threw the service I could not get the picture out of my mind. The girl, hoe could she have peace? The peace I was so longing for? But not just that, how could she have peace holding her dieing baby brother?
As the holy gost was comeing bye. The mother brout him up for prayer. Agin I was dum founded. Every adult came up to pray for this baby. I whod not have been surpised if he whod have been heled that night. He wasent, but something in me was awakend that night. But somehow the reble in me still wanted to belve what was going on, was just a show. But something deep deep inside was awakend and told me this was real. The service contuied. But I could not shake off the felling that this was what I had been looking for, for so varry long. When the seervce ended I lernd the mothers name was briget, and the fathers name was brit. And I was induced to thare other children. I got saved a moth later, at a wach night service. A little wile later I lernd that the baby had passed. The image was brout to my remeberance once agin. And I finlay understood. Thay were at peace because thare babby brother, whod be with jesus. As I sat and lissend to the funarl message several months later, it was agin brout back to me. Benjamin willam though I only ever saw him one time, had a lasting efect on my life. And his famly still does.. Benkamin and his famly showed me something I had never truly seen before- real undifled love.

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