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April 3, 2011
By NicoleA SILVER, Union, New Jersey
NicoleA SILVER, Union, New Jersey
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Each day modern society attempts to take away my right to discover who I am through manipulating the choices I make. In a world where losers never prosper, winners always succeed, and enough is never enough, it is tough to find my own niche in society. Modern society tells me to succeed at all costs, and makes lying, cheating, and/or stealing justifiable means to reach the top. Society advises me to turn my cheek when a person is in need, and look out for one person only, myself. The effects of modern society can be seen in people such as Lindsay Lohan, Tiger Woods, and Michael Vick, fallen heros who cracked under the pressures. Through the internet, magazines, social figures, and other media networks, modern society is able to finesse the identity of our culture. Our current society is able to create a strict list of what is acceptable and frowned upon and is very successful at having people live according to the set rules.

Suppressed in this homogenous media culture, I am an advocate for individuality. It is a person’s quirks which make them a standout, and their flaws that contribute to their human beauty. Since when does everyone have to be the same size, dress identically, and have big hair? I will always be true to myself, no matter what the critics may retort back at me! I pledge to never will let others negatively influence my decisions. Why would I want to lose my identity, flaws and all, when its unique to all others out there. It is my pleasure to standout in a society that stresses the exact opposite

In order for me to deal with the constant input of the mass media, I find a balance between myself and the community that surrounds me. Once a week I shut off my computer, power down my cell phone and find a quiet place to read, write in a journal, or take a stroll. Enjoying my alone time, I am totally secluded from the rest of the world.

I cannot fully abandon society, because it will always surround me. In addition, there are many positive aspects of our culture that I would hate to miss out on. However, making a simple cut like unplugging has such a profound effect on my life because it eliminates the constant distraction of the outside. Allotting a portion of my time to disconnecting from our media culture allows me to be in a natural state of much needed peace. In my life of constant Facebook instant messages, news-posts and emails, it is necessary for me to occasionally leave these things behind to dwell in my own thoughts. It is impossible for me to grow into my own person with the steadfast input of modern society. However, without society I would not be able to learn from my triumphs and mistakes, that would mold the person I would grow up to be. Finding the perfect balance is key. After all, it is the choices we make and the actions we take that define us.

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