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The Storm

July 25, 2011
By Amuhammd SILVER, Austell, Georgia
Amuhammd SILVER, Austell, Georgia
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Have you ever been trapped home alone with no way to get into contact with anyone? or no security? the sky darkened like black licorice, and the trees danced angrily as the wind forced itself through its branches.
I lay in my bed sobbing with the covers enveloped around my body. the trees slamming their branches against the glass window. it almost sounded like a tornado was making its way toward me.
I ran quickly to the living room hoping i could get the news channel. Without realizing, I didn't know how to work the T.V. i pressed my fingers roughly against the rubbery gray remote control buttons praying god could see i was frightened and turn the channel on. No luck.
I dashed swiftly down the hallway avoiding anything that may slow me down. I grabbed a pillow and a transformers blanket off the beige wood bed and sprinted towards the bathroom. My head leaking sweat, and my eyes burned from the crying.
I threw the pillow and blanket into the tub which was damp earlier from a warm shower. as soon as i caught my breath i ran back out to the living room pulling down the blinds to get a closer much clearer view. Nothing seemed to work. but the only thing i hadn't used was the front door that stood blankly, mocking every step i took. i grasped the door handle and pulled it open.
The rain came splashing towards me leaving me soaked. it felt like a millin knives were stabbobg me constantly. The neighborhood was loud from the storm. the houses were nowhere to be seen. I could feel my heart beating faster than ever. my hands sweating.I reached for the door handle once more and slammed it shut. I crawled to the bathroom and closed the door. I turned off the lights and rocked my self to sleep in the pitch black bathroom. the storm was beating against the walls making an echo through the whole house. the thunder was so powerful the bathtub shook fiercely as i lay there praying to god. Rocking myself to sleep i awoke myself to the smell of bacon and eggs. I had just survided A deadly storm.

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