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I once saw a butterfly

September 13, 2011
By BrianMMeagher SILVER, Rutland, Massachusetts
BrianMMeagher SILVER, Rutland, Massachusetts
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What makes us human… what makes us any different from a butterfly drifting in the breeze, I believe it is our ability to reason, our absolute knowledge that one day we’ll die, and the need to irrevocably comfort ourselves while upon the doorstep of death himself, As humans we tell ourselves that there is something after death because to use death is the one truth, the one thing that has and always will be a part of our utterly pathetic existence. So this with the development of higher brain function came the ultimate comfort, the promise of a heaven something that the fragile butterfly could never conceive and for that reason and that reason only could never be apart of. So as many buy into this belief of an after life, I tend to thing it is only an unfortunate side effect of intelligent on the most naive level

The author's comments:
I was taking a walk with a friend and saw a butterfly drifting gently in the breeze. This got me thinking...

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