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Beneath the Stars

November 26, 2011
By kaitlyn24x PLATINUM, Laurel, Maryland
kaitlyn24x PLATINUM, Laurel, Maryland
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The stars never seemed so wonderful. Away from the city and all of the lights, I could finally see their beauty. But it was more than that. Each star, as I laid on the pavement of the basketball court, started showing a new meaning. They weren't just bright spheres of light a million miles away. From the very first day of camp, everything seemed different. Everything had a sort of peaceful feeling to it. Maybe it was because for once, I was around people who were just like me. People with struggles, questions, and their own stories. We were all on that mountain for the same reason, to find that thing that was missing in our hearts for so long. There was no judging, no one cared if you cried, because there weren't many dry eyes in the first place. We were around complete strangers, and even though we never met, we all had this one connection. I hope you know that feeling too, because that connection was God. To some people, like me, that feeling was something new. This place was so full of relief from our daily lives that you could practically breathe it in. From the moment we arrived, I knew I wouldn't want to leave. I knew we would have to go back down the mountain, back down to reality. So I made the best out of those six days. I turned my heart to Jesus, my youth group turned into my family, and my life turned into more than just living. And those stars, those beautiful globes of creation. They were brighter than ever because I finally saw it. As many stars as there were on that clear June night, I knew His love was more. You can try to imagine how big the sky is and how small you feel beneath it, but to understand the love he has for you and the rest of the world is impossible. But I don't mind not knowing why some things are the way they are because in less than two weeks, I will be back on that basketball court. Only this time it will be December, and just like the Summer, I will look up at those stars with adoration.

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