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The Girl of Dreams

January 18, 2012
By Sokon492 SILVER, San Jacinto, California
Sokon492 SILVER, San Jacinto, California
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In sixteen years I’ve had hopes and dreams, fights and arguments, disperse and sorrow. But none of this matters when you feel happy I mean the happiest you ‘v ever bin. When that happiness happens none of it matters just that moment in life. For me the happiest moments have been spent with this beautiful, funny, hyper girl. Somehow she’s different though in a unique sort of way because you just can’t help but smile when your around her. Maybe it’s hers eyes that you become lost in when you gaze into them or maybe when she eats chocolate, making her bubbly to a point where she bounces off walls. All of this could be why she’s the only one I care enough to be around, and why my happiest moments are when I’m with her. Maybe she has put a spell on me that made me fall for her or maybe she’s just the girl of my dreams. Whatever the case it doesn’t matter as long as I can hold her in my arms and carry her around, not caring about troubles of life or sorrows of fights. Just her in my arms holding on tight to me smiling.

The author's comments:
this is about a girl in my cem class thats i think of day in and day out that forces me to smile no matter whats happened.

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