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Waiting on a kumkum

September 7, 2013
By antiqueartist4life BRONZE, Fresh Meadows, New York
antiqueartist4life BRONZE, Fresh Meadows, New York
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They say a watched pot never boils. I don’t really care much for what they say. After reading the novel Carrie, and the scene where Sue makes herself a cup of Nestle hot cocoa when she doesn’t go to her high school prom, I decided that I wanted to make myself a cup of Nestle hot cocoa.
I never went to prom either.
Anyways, it’s a Saturday night, and I’m prepping for a fun night in watching 80s movies on Netflix. You can call me a loser or whatnot, but for some reason this is my favorite me time activity.
I make my way to the kitchen to make my homebody drink. I get out the kumkum(that’s the way us middle easterns say tea kettle), and fill it up with water. I’ve decided to be patient and just stand by the kettle until the water boils. They say a watched pot never boils, but like I said before I don’t really care much for what they say. I turn the stove turny knob (maybe next Saturday night I’ll look up what that’s called!) to high, and start my wait.
I’m not going to give you guys a description of the blue and orange flames under the kumkum. I can say they’re doing a dance or something, but there’s nothing original about that, now is there?
I peer into the living room and look at my mom and brother counting up quarters from a piggy bank. This is no ordinary piggy bank my friends, we’re collecting serious cash here. I’m not talking about $1.37, I’m talking about $137.00. I never contributed to that piggy bank, but it did pretty well anyways.
I ask my mom if there’s a way to watch Netflix on our television. She doesn’t know how to connect it, which is a major bummer since they finally have Scream! I really want a movie night with my family. I hide in my room most of the week, and I feel terrible about it. I feel awful just typing it. It almost feels like I’ve forgotten how to be a family member. Is that a weird thing to say?
Man this water doesn’t boil. Let’s turn up the heat…
Anyways, so I’ve decided to make spending more time with family my New Year’s resolution. I really hope I stick to it.
Well it’s about damn time. The whistling starts, and gets louder and louder and louder, begging me to shut it up. So I turn off the stove and pick up the kettle. The water I’m about to pour starts to bark. That’s how I know the water’s boiling hot.
Once I’ve poured my water, I mix it with the hot cocoa powder, add some milk, and head on up to my room to watch a movie on Netflix.

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