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Broken Glass

November 21, 2013
By Andy_Nicole SILVER, Hardtner, Kansas
Andy_Nicole SILVER, Hardtner, Kansas
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Nathan was 4, Malayna was 8, and I was 11 when my "Broken Glass" story happened. We were at our Great Grandma Lometa's house after school waiting for my mom to get off work and come to get us. My sister and I were really interested in bugs at that age. To give us something to do, we went outside to find bugs in Grandma's garden. After we stated to look around in the garden for awhile, we fond a weird bug we wanted to show our dad to see what is kind it was. For us to show our dad the bug we, had to have a glass jar.

Once I got the jar, I ran outside the door with it. I ended up going too fast down the stairs and I tripped. Falling down on the cement path, the glass jar shattered under my right hand. My feeling when that happened was really scared. Fearing if I got up I would get hurt worse, I screamed. Nathan came running out the door with Grandma trailing quickly behind him. Grandma told Nathan to do get Grandpa to have a look at my hand. Grandpa came walking up the path with Nathan on his side. He sat Nathan and I down on each side of him.

Grandpa sat me down in his little blue pick-up and drove to my mom's work. Once we got there Grandpa lifted me out of the truck and carried me inside. When we were inside the building Grandpa went straight to mom's office, which was by the front door. Mom quickly got up from her chair and examined my hand. She told Grandpa to go back to the greenhouse and she will take care of my hand.

My mom took me into a little room that held medicine and things they used to take care of the residents with. My mom gave me some pain reliever and started to clean my hand. She had to take a pair of tweezers and dig at the cut to get the glass out. The pain was unbelievable. After she got out the glass, she put antibiotics in the cut. Once she put in the antibiotics, she glued my cut shut. I'm not sure what the glue was, but it stung as it dried. More antibiotics were put on the cut after the glue dried. A small square of gauze was wrapped around my hand. Purple medical wrap was wrapped around my hand securely making my hand feel better.

Once my cut was taken care of, my mom gave me a chocolate tootsie roll sucker. My mood lightened up when she gave me that. It wasn't time for her to come home, but she told the front the desk that I have been hurt and needed to be taken care of. I grabbed my jacket out of my mom's office and walked with her to the van and opened up my door. He told me that Grandma wanted to see if I was okay. I slowly and carefully walked up to the house, making sure I didn't trip again. Grandma was sitting on the couch when I walked in. She walked over to me and asked me how I was feeling. Feeling better but still a little scared, I told her exactly how I felt.

Sometimes when I think back on the accident I wonder why I was in such hurry to get outside. Ask yourself this, why be in such a hurry he something bad can happen? Fearing that I will trip and fall, I never run with anything in my hand. When Nathan and Malayna runs with something in their hand, I get a little nervous. Thinking that something will happen to them like something happened to me, I get on to them. I don't think Malayna or Nathan remembers what happened, but I do and I don't want the to get hurt.

But there also another lesson in my story. Slow down and watch where you are going. The consequences could be worse than mine. What happened to me really hurt, but if there is something that can hurt worse than getting glass taken out of your hand, I don't really care to feel that pain. We all get carried away sometimes and when we get carried away, we need to slow down and think of the consequences before continuing.

This story is a fair warning to you. Never run with anything in your hand. When you get hurt like I did, you will the lesson that I learned. If you're running when you're not suppose to, slow down! Whatever you are running to till be there when you get there.

My behavior after this happened is better than it was. When I'm trying to get some where, I don't hurry. i try my best to keep from running when I'm not suppose to.

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