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I Know You So Well

September 11, 2014
By monikitty12 PLATINUM, New York, New York
monikitty12 PLATINUM, New York, New York
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Don't cry because its over. Smile because it happened.

 You are the light in the dark tunnel. But you don't realize it. And you just happily saunter into the tunnel and dump some slimy worms on me. You don't know how I feel. I know you will never realize me as a good and important person. I know you so well. Every single day, it dawns on me how later in the future, you will find a girl that will make you happy, or the other way around, and you will give her unconditional love. Its sad to see this, but if you're happy, I will be happy. You are the guy in the tuxedo, going up to a girl's door, and handing her a bouquet of roses. When you will realize it? I don't know. Even your horoscope shows it. It makes sense; you are the life of the party and your smile and authentic smirks pays off into my heart and soul which really calms my within. Everything you do is really adorable. And I know you hate me. So, Ill just give up, sadly. Your dark eyes look scary up close, but when I actually feel the moment when we look at each other, there's something there. You're a cancer, Im a Taurus. WE match and fit together perfectly. Dear futuristic Cancer Man, Good Luck with your life. 

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