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Written Words are the Best Words for those Who Read

December 17, 2014
By JarodM GOLD, Paducah, Kentucky
JarodM GOLD, Paducah, Kentucky
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  In these past 4 years, I have changed in so many ways throughout my writing career.  I have gone from elegant and wordy styles of writing to more of a quick and to the point with a little satire thrown in there.  I have always been the creative type wanting to make everything sound more exciting than it really was.  Lastly, I was never one to follow a structure so of course my writing did the same.  If you want to read another boring essay, then be my guest and hop into the next story.
  Ever since I could form and put to paper, words, I could write stories.  I have written fictional tales of cat swordsmen to spies in the Revolutionary War.  But in these past 4 years, I have seen some change in my creativity.  I have gone from making a story about space travel and with the most minute of details to some of the most detailed experiences I can fathom. No longer was it just an orange cat, but an orange cat with jagged streaks of red making him a moving flame as he fought.  I used to gloss over the details of a person’s description and actions and just went with the general basics.  I learned in my dreary Freshman year and somewhat intriguing Sophomore year, that genius writers always had the most detail, but with the sly catch of staying away from dreaded redundancy.  I have always just made everything sound better, which made me never enjoy those personal reflections (They are just so dog-gone silly), I mean come on what is creative about my life?  What with all the near-deaths and last minute saves, boring. No excitement here, but I digress on to my next point.
  Structure has always been a huge problem for me, for I would write and just go off on little tangents. I would just scribble away into daydreams of adventure and excitement, but you see, the downfall was those dreams ended up on paper, my essay paper.  Until my later years of my high school writing career, I had this problem of writing off into these new adventures.  Once I arrived at the Middle College and started taking college English classes, I began to reform my structure and follow through from start to end on an essay.  Yes!  Now, I can form a complete thought without the random alien invasion.  Then came a great alien race that wished to terrorize our world.  They were here to..  Well, I guess for the most part I stay on track.
   My writing style has changed so dramatically.  There can not be a greater difference in styles of writing in such a short period of time than in my case of just 4 little years.  I have went from a more dramatic, choppy, quick style, to a more elegant and drawn out way of expressing one’s thoughts.   Now, I write like one who has properly gone mad, kinda like an Edgar Allen Poe or some other whack-job.  In other words, I am the satirist, the crazy guy that says what he says but doesn’t say it  how it should be said.  I make fun of everything and write in a light-hearted way that disguises my true meaning, which is just insulting those that I think are foolish.
   So there you have it, three of many ways I have evolved and molded as a writer.  I really could go on and on (not really) but I wish not to go on and on for that would be a tangent and not proper structure.  Also, my style just isn’t about that, it is more of the flitter flit and quick style, once again I just write to enjoy and to have a little laugh.  So, end this little story with me with a little dosage of laughter.

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An essay I did that I felt showcased me as a writer.

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JarodM GOLD said...
on Feb. 17 2015 at 8:51 pm
JarodM GOLD, Paducah, Kentucky
14 articles 0 photos 8 comments
Hey Everyone! Would love comments on a critique and thoughts. Thanks! :D