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The Odd One Out

January 5, 2015
By Olaf.lover GOLD, Fairfax, Virginia
Olaf.lover GOLD, Fairfax, Virginia
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"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain."

Have you heard? No one is lessening. Have you seen? No one cares. As you walk pass the dome of silence. They are laughing, at you. You aren’t pushing shoulders with anyone; they make room for you to pass. You wave, and there is no response. In a place with millions of people, only teachers and one friend talk to you. As you try to be unaware of this new sudden change, you can’t help but feel lonely. You roll it off your back. You aren’t exactly popular but, hay I am in some school clubs and am pretty well known. It’s not bullying, I think, but it doesn’t exactly add up.  Anyway, I’m not a weird girl; I just don’t wear makeup or spend millions on clothing or hair. I am a simple girl. It’s a crime to ware a dress to school, just go comfy and cozy with the sweets. I just don’t care about my appearance. What did I do then? I cheer for all. Why can’t you accept to b nice for others? We are already wining by 70 points. I can not give you a friendly I’m sorry for your loss? Why are you so cruel to me? Do you even care about my fallings?  I wouldn’t shade a tear if you laughed at me, yet you loose a loved one I’m the first to know and the last to forget. My friends have meant the world to me. Now, they stair into a bottom less pit of wonder. Backs. That’s all I see now and all I’ve seen for a while now.  I do care about you. I clap for you when you do or don’t need it. Even if I’ve only past you in the hall way once. This is no love note. I have no one that cares anymore about me. I win a national Horner, 3 people show up, 2 of them being teachers. No party, balloons, streamers. You think I’m crazy and I don’t blame you. They only thing I ask is for you to put your self in someone else’s shoes. I’ve been in a different state all my life, now you expect me to just fit in your school as if I’ve lived in your state my whole life. I don’t fit in, but you don’t have to isolate me. You know what, I don’t care and that’s not why I’m writing this now… I’m writing it because I want you to know that many people will come in and out of your life. You won’t know what one’s will touch your hart until there gone. Erase your mind and forget. Loss of felling and senses. Become one with the earth. That is how you will know, that is how I knew.

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