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Ways to Know Me

June 2, 2015
By Honeysuckle55 GOLD, Littleton, Colorado
Honeysuckle55 GOLD, Littleton, Colorado
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I feel like it's hard to break past my shell. To get to know me but I don't know. If you do want to get to know me here's how. First off, talk to me. A lot of times I won't say anything to you but if you begin the conversation I'll think your awesome. I'll probably tell you all of me secrets and spill the desires of my heart. Next, be my friend an I'll relax. I'll stop being so tense and I'll start trying to make you laugh and you'll start seeing who I am. Lastly text me. Play twenty questions with me and pretty soon you'll realize there's more to me then meets the eye. If you try then I'll let you in. that's my secret.

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