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A Letter to My Brothers in Paris

November 24, 2015
By VartikaSingh GOLD, Ghaziabad, Other
VartikaSingh GOLD, Ghaziabad, Other
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Dear Beloved Brothers,

Even though I am quite far away, I can hear your painful agony. I didn't realize when I got insomnia. Thinking about you day and night, I didn't realized how my time passed. The day melts away like a snowflake. Still, my mind never gets steady and roams about your side. Every minute that I smile, my mind creates a blurred picture of your face in painful agony and hardships you are facing.

I am completely aware of your hardships.

I curse myself for being so helpless for not being able to help you. Even though I pray for you here day and night, I can’t satisfy myself from those shallow consolations. I hurtfully regret for not being able to help you the way I should. But I will keep praying for you until you are here again by my side- safe and secured. I pray to god to give thee my life. I feel like I am living a borrowed time, whatever happened created a dark history. But that was past. Yet, there always a sunshine after sunshine, day after every night and good after every bad. Time, the healer will heal all our wounds. In you every step I am with you. I just wrote this to tell you that don’t feel alone even for a pinch of time. You are my brother and I love you. When sadness fills your heart and memories of your happy days come crashing forth as waves upon sea shore, know that I will always be close at hand to comfort your ailing heart. And we’ll be back again forever. It’s just to tell you that everything that I have is yours. You will never go cold or hungry. I’ll be there when you’re insecure to help you get out of the tragedy.

Please let me confess I can’t feel the way you must have felt like, when you were smiling and dancing with your family, when you must have been working for them cautiously or must have been tackling your children to make them go to sleep and then abruptly the earth under your feet suddenly started shaking itself. But I feel the way you must have felt, like being stabbed in heart because of your futility to save your loved one’s. Being a father, a son, a brother it was your duty, you must have thought but you were not able to do it the way you should have. Please! I request you, don’t be sad for it. Everything happens for a reason, you know. Life is like a piano, white keys are happiness and black keys are sorrow. But you know that each one of them make music of life. It’s not your fault, so you must forgive yourself. And care for those who are there with you. Also don’t feel alone. Your brother is always with you, forever.

You are my brother, you can tackle all you problem, together if possible and single handed if needed. I know you have always remained so dauntless that nothing should make you weak and let you fall. Stand for it, fight for it. Look around you! What do you see, how you feel! Can’t see anything! Please see again! I can see you are the most capable one right now, to help yourself. Listen to me, like you hear your inner voice. You live only once and if same things happen again and again then you are not living a life man! Stand up! Wipe your tears and know who you are. You are a powerful being that can face even the wrath of nature. I am doing my best here. I am preparing to receive you. To receive you from a victorious battle, where you fought like a brave warrior. Still remember I am with you, always, forever!

How I long, to hold my brother back in my arms. You have to come to me, I am with you.

Yours Loving Brother

The author's comments:

Though I am in India I am completely aware of happenings of people in Paris. I pray for them. I have written this letter for people of Paris, for my brothers in Paris on behalf of whole nation, and hope that this may reach them to inspire them and urge them to stand for themselves.

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