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Sacramento, My Home

December 7, 2015
By sherla_thao SILVER, Sacramento, California
sherla_thao SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Sacramento has some nice and fresh air. It’s always sunny and it’s a very nice place to live. Sacramento is a place where water never runs out. Everyone is always nice and friendly. While you’re walking down the street you will see a young adult female or male helping an old lady with her groceries. There’s a lot of different races here like Asians, Mexicans, African Americans, etc. So there is no worry for racism because they respect one another. Everyone lives in a nice big house with a fresh garden in their front yard and a pool in their backyard along with a playground. The grass is always green and the flowers are always healthy.


I’m sorry to say this but what I just said is a lie. There’s a lot of violence here like  shooting, abusing, and fighting. We are in a very bad drought so the grasses aren’t always green and the flowers aren’t healthy. The air is no longer fresh and nice because of the pollution which makes it hard for people with asthma to breathe. Not everybody lives in a nice big house with a pool and a playground in the backyard. Most people live in a regular small house so that they will have enough money to pay the bills and stuff. You won’t see young adults helping an old lady with her groceries but instead you’ll see them ignoring her. Only a few people would actually help the old lady.


There are a lot of issues here like racism. Another issue is disrespect. From what I’ve seen on the internet people have been abusing homeless people and strangers they don’t even know. There are more African American deaths than you think. Just the other day I was watching a video of a high school girl getting pulled out of her desk by a white police officer. I saw another video of some people saying “F*** the police” to a few police officers. I’ll admit, some police officers are bad but not all of them. There are many good police officers but some people don’t see that. The only ones they see are the bad ones which makes them think that all of the police officers bad.

Although Sacramento can be a bad place it is still my home.

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