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I Write As I Please...!

June 10, 2016
By ScarletIce4695 GOLD, Karachi, Other
ScarletIce4695 GOLD, Karachi, Other
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Love, desire, happiness, need, care and what else joined through one single word: life. Life: the inevitable truth that we all have yet to experience. We feel, we love, we suffer and we cry, we smile and we too break into smithereens but yet we live on. Is it merely hope that gives us the strength to live or is it our own need to experience, to live and to enjoy our life but at the same time be destroyed by those who show us the deepest of affection, because as much as it hurts, those who loves us are always the ones who break us and destroy us. From the beginning of the day till the last few moments, my life has been all about my dreams and the desire to accomplish them but my actions have in my opinion always been for others, all I did was because I was bound to do it, bound by my family, my friends, my faith and belief and what not, I always thought myself bound: bound by everyone, bound by my own desires. I always considered myself selfless, I thought that I was sacrificing myself for those I did not even love. But now that I look closely at the events of my life I realize that all I did was for me, for my own satisfaction and happiness. Their persuasions were merely my own desires, their words my path. I loved them because I wanted the best for me and one can’t experience the best until one sees the worst.

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Idiots here and idiots there...idiots, idiots everywhere...! ;P

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