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My Bullying Story

September 23, 2016
By sherla_thao SILVER, Sacramento, California
sherla_thao SILVER, Sacramento, California
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"When you feel like giving up, remember why you started"

It started in 4th grade to half of my 8th grade year. I was bullied for the way I looked and the way I dressed. Everyday I would hear the bullies say “here comes the dark and ugly b****” I would always ignore them but that didn’t stop them.

“HAHAHA the ugly troll is too poor to afford better looking clothes like ours!” they would laugh and say.

“Same goes for you. I guess your parents aren’t rich enough to buy you nice looking shoes like mine.” I said.

I know what I said wasn’t right but it felt so right because I was finally standing up for myself. I felt so brave and I felt like I was doing the right thing but...I wasn’t. Every time they said something offensive to me or anything that hurt my feelings I would say something back.

“Dora Dora the explorer” they called.

“Shut up you oompa loompa lookin a**” I called out.

The hall monitor caught me in the act and took me to a quiet room so she and I can talk. She said “I’ll be back to talk to you after I’m done talking to these 3.” She went out the room and talked to the bullies outside the door. After she was done talking to them she came back in.

“Why did you say what you said?” she asked.

I thought and wanted to say “Because they bully me and left me with scars.”

“Because I wanted to. They deserved it.” I said.

“Mkay know what you said was wrong right? You have to apologize for saying that to them.” she said

“Yes I know and i’ll stop because bullying doesn’t help resolve anything. It only creates scars and it makes the problem bigger than it already is.” I said shakingly

The hall monitor took me outside to confront my bullies.

“I’m sorry for saying those mean things to you guys. Will you accept my apology?” I said and asked.
“We’re sorry too and apology accepted.” they said.

After that we went back to class. While this situation was going on I lost most of my friends but i learned a very important lesson. That lesson is that bullying is never the answer and bullying creates deep wounds and scars. The ones who are bullying thinks of it as a “joke” and some other people may find it funny but bullying is more than a joke, it’s a crime. The reason why I say it’s a crime is because bullying cause people to suicide because they think that’s the only way to escape the hurt.   

The author's comments:

I hope people with rethink about bullying after reading this. 

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