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I Believe...

December 5, 2016
By Larkin SILVER, Santa Rosa, California
Larkin SILVER, Santa Rosa, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Our remedies oft in ourself do lie, which we ascribe to heaven."
-William Shakespeare

I believe in education. I believe that love has power, yes, but not that it can conquer all. Mostly, hard work is what gets people far. I believe in truthfulness. I believe in being logical before sentimental; in resisting fads and fleeting feelings if they just don’t make sense. But I also believe in going out on a limb, trying something new, sometimes failing, but learning as you go. I believe in the difference between stupid, and growthful. I believe that as a young woman I need to be strong in myself; to do what I want even if it means I’m not doing what someone else wants. I believe that even as our society moves forward, some viewpoints are stuck in the past. It is both my right and my responsibility to defy what is traditionally expected from me, doing so with passion and elegance. I believe that it takes all types to build a community. I believe that nobody is born “bad;” that it is our responsibility to ensure that every child knows what respect is and how to use it, yet will still defy superiors in the face of injustice. I believe that L, G, B, T, Q, S, or any letter one uses to define oneself is not a measure of one’s worth as a member of society or the human race. I believe in the transcendent quality of music. I believe that the human body is a beautiful thing, and that one’s natural features should be a mark of individuality, not things to be punished in order to feel more beautiful. I believe that AP classes and the highest test scores are not an adequate measure of anyone’s worth, dedication to learning, or intelligence. I believe in following achievable dreams. I believe that I, the child of two immigrants, have just as much right to live in America as people whose families crossed over during the American revolution. I believe that I can embody the Irish and Polish spirit, yet still define myself however I like. I believe that a cultural heritage should not be restricting, but can be called upon in times of uncertainty or joy. I believe in setting out a designated time for having fun. I believe in knowing when it’s time to work. I believe in knowing oneself so that one can achieve to the best of one’s abilities, perform to the best of one’s power, and live life as one wants to: finding success where it's meaningful, and joy where it's genuine, and love when it's nourishing so that one can wake up each morning feeling important and necessary and compassionate and beautiful, and so that one can face the day.

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