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Trying out for Cheer

April 2, 2018
By M501athletic GOLD, USA, Other
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My parents had talked me into trying out for my high school's football cheerleading. At first, I didn't want to do it, it was March of my junior year, and I just got into softball. I was hoping that maybe I could tryout for softball in highschool. They, however, wanted me to do something that brought out my feminine qualities more, therefore, they suggested eithr cheerleading or nothing for the school. I was upset at first, because I felt like I was being made to do it. Once the week came up to do it, though, I realized I actually wanted to be a cheerleader. I was going to be a senior the next school year anyway, so I would be a senior cheerleader. I went to the cheer clinics for tryouts and practiced those three days. My mom helped me a lot with maing sure my moves, cheers, and jumps were sharp. I hadn't really worked on it since I was doing rec cheer when I was 10. Surprisingly, I picked up everything quickly. It was Thursday, the day of tryouts. I was extremely nervous throughout the whole day. After school, we all practiced until they called our group number out. THere were 33 girls trying out, and nine groups to perform. I was number 33, and also in group nine. When my group went out there, I showed a lot of spirit and enthusiasm. When I ran back out, I showed a lot of spirit and enthusiasm. And then.... they called me back out there, along with nine other girls by group. Two groups of three went, and then in my group, four of us went. The coach said that the people who got called out had tied with some people, so they wanted to see a few things again. I, along with the other three girls performed our toe-touch and cheer again only. The coach, then, announced that after 45 minutes or so, the list will be out in front of the school, and whoever made theteam would all join up that night at Chick-fil-A. I had a siftball game that night too. So, I decided to dress out for softball, and if I made it, I would go to the restaurant with the team. If I didn't, I would go straight to my game. After waiting a good whil, my mom drove me back up to the school to check the list. MY NAME WAS ON IT! I was super excited! I was going to be a senior cheerleader! I give all thanks to God and my family for supporting and helping me and talking me into it! Also... on a side note, my softball game had got rained out anyway, so it all worked out. :D

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I was so nervous throughout the whole day.

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