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When I Saw You MAG

By Anonymous

When I saw you
With the beads of sweat dripping down your flushed face
Your pride radiatingfrom your sweat-soaked shirt
I could almost hear that famous beat of the athlete’sheart

When I saw you
Your crooked smile brighter than I’ve ever seen
And youreyes scrunched up with glee
That small, dirty gym never seemed so grand

When I sawyou
With your arms fully extended
Holding that plastic gold trophy
Above your head intriumph

When I saw you
Celebrating with your teammates
Jumping up and down like achild
Your cry of glory never sounded so pure

When I saw you
I knew that you had beenwaiting for this moment
Since you were a little kid playing in the park
On Avenue L and FifthStreet

When I saw you
Signing your name
On the Men’s Basketball LeagueChampionship banner
Your chicken scratch never was that artistic

When I saw you
Iimmediately knew
That a small part of you
Would be a kid forever

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