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Injured MAG

By Anonymous

Here I watch, sitting on the sidelines.
My ankle throbs,
as it has for a month
but still all I can do
without limping forever
is stay here, glued to the bench,
and watch.
My soccer team plays today
like it could use another man.
Three of us sit injured,
like birds on a power line,
and watch our team,
a pack of antelope,
bravely moving on
after a circle of lions took three
from its family.
We are like choir members
with ongoing infections of the throat.
Desperately we want to perform,
but we can only watch
while our eyes longingly follow
our healthy teammates,
running to a thrilled feeling
I wish I could have just once more.
A young antelope plays
wrestling games
with members of his herd.
He uses all his might,
growing fast,
and his heart,
beating even faster
because the lions might decide
that he
won't be playing
in tomorrow's game.

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