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By Anonymous

My racquet sits alone
at the service line
awaitingmy arrival,
waiting for me to play.

My legs feel like Jell-O,
Icannot stop the wobbling
that I feel.

I was warned,
"You mustwin today,
it is up to you."

The words stick in my head
andwill not leave.
They will not stop.

I see my partner enter thecourt,
she looks nervous,
like me.

The other team,
are theylittle girls like me?
They look more like
big, strong andpowerful.

How will I match their abilities?
They probably couldbeat
Lindsay Davenport,
my favorite player.

Entering the court,
Ipick up my racquet
and hold my hand steady
as I get into the readyposition.

I see the giant on the other side
throw the ball in theair
her racquet aims for the ball
as if in slow motion.

I hear asound
come from the giant
on the other side
she makes a sound
likethey do in the U.S. Open
where I was just a cheering fan.

Running up, Ihit the ball
right into the net.

"Fifteen-Love," the giantshouts.
I see the disappointment
in the faces of my teammates,
mycoaches and my partner.

"Focus, focus!"
my coachshouts.
"Keep your eye on
the ball."

I will do justthat.
And I will win.
I have to.

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