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A Race to Remember MAG

By Anonymous

   I'vetrained so hard for this day, I thought as I walked over to the starting block.There's no way I'll lose! It was the big race; all the best runners in the statewere competing. I'd been practicing for months and had all the confidence in theworld that I would win.

As I got set up in my starting block, I could seemy family in the stands watching and waving. I could tell they were almost asexcited as I was.

Kneeling, I listened for the starter to yell, "Onyour mark, get set, go." Then, before I was ready, we were off. I pulledahead at first. Just a little farther and I'll win, I thought. No one will beatme now. I was almost there. I could feel the trophy being placed in my hands. AsI neared the finish line I could see the girl next to me move ahead. Before Icould do anything, the race was over. I had lost.

My parents came over andtold me, "Good job" and "You did great," but all I couldthink about was that I had lost. How could this have happened? I wondered. Iguess my dad saw that I was upset because he came over and asked, "What'swrong?"

"I lost," I said. My dad put his arm around me andsaid, "The next best thing to winning is losing. At least you've been in therace." As we went home I thought about what he said and decided he wasright. At least I gave it my best shot and tried. I can always try again nextyear.

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