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The Red Sox Fan's Misery MAG

By Anonymous

   The Red Sox Fan's Misery by Jesse McKinnell, Scituate, MAI have cheered for the Red Sox ever since I have been old enough to cheer. Fourteen years of disappointment and unfulfilled promise have led me to one conclusion: stop rooting for the Sox. No good can come of it, only heartache and aggravation. May I suggest some helpful alternative to cheering for the Red Sox?Cheer for teams like the hated Yankees, the Braves or even the Indians. Cheer for them because they are good teams that play to their potential. Cheer for teams like the Twins, Phillies or Tigers because they are bad teams that get the most out of what they have without any expectations. Don't cheer for the Red Sox who always fail to live up to any expectations that anyone places on them.Cheer for the Yankees and the Braves because they have management who wants to win games and will do anything to re-sign their good players. If they lose them, they replace them with other teams' good players. Don't cheer for the Red Sox who refuse to show any loyalty to their stars.As a young boy, I grew up idolizing Roger Clemens and I had the privilege of seeing him pitch his last game in Fenway wearing a Sox uniform. As I watched him come out and tip his hat to the fans after the game, I stood with tears welling up in my eyes, thinking about my hero's accomplishments. At that moment, I would have given my right foot for the Red Sox to re-sign him. But did they? Of course not. They let the best pitcher they ever had go to Toronto.But alas, it is too late for me. The Red Sox have sucked me in and I'm afraid there is no escape. I will be a Red Sox fan for life, assuring me a lifetime of aggravation. You may still have a chance though, if you take it. Cheer for a good team with good management or cheer for an undertalented, overachieving team. Trust me, it will save you a lot of disappointment every year when October rolls around. Who knows? You might see your favorite team win a championship in your lifetime. I know I won't. l

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