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Basketball Terms MAG

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   Do you know these basketball terms?

Match the terms with the definitions.


1. In the paint

2. 3 seconds

3. Free throw line

4. Number 5 position

5. Top of the key

6. Press

7. Coaches say it wins games

8. NBA

9. Transition

10. Reverse lay-up

11. Flagrant foul

12. Kind of time-out

13. Spaulding

14. Tip-off

15. The perimeter.


a. Type of basketball

b. National Basketball Association

c. When a player remains in the free-throw lane for more than 3 seconds

d. Defense

e. Around the 3-point line

f. The free throw lane

g. Adjusting between offense and defense or vise-versa

h. The opening of the game when a ref tosses a ball up for 2 players to tip it to their teammates

i. 20 second

j. 15 feet out from the basket

k. When a player comes from the baseline, goes underneath the basket and then shoots on the other side

l. The center

m. When a player commits a foul on an opposing player while the other player is in the air and is in danger of getting hurt

n. When a team defends the other team full court

o. Above the free throw line on the three point line. In other words, straight out from the basket.

Answers: 1-f, 2-c, 3-j, 4-l, 5-o, 6-n, 7-d, 8-b, 9-g, 10-k, 11-m, 12-i, 13-a, 14-h, 15-e

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