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Not Anymore MAG

By Anonymous

   "Push yourself, push yourself!"

I heard my fierce coach yell.

His voice pierced me like knives slicing my back -

I heard him roar,

"Try, I know you can!"

Young and frail like a newborn bird,

Filled with energy and passion for the sport,

I waited for my moment to spread my wings and fly.

Loving it but hating him -

His words scared me,

And my passion for the sport, too.

Walking up to him,

Bravely holding up my head,

With all the courage I had in me

I opened my mouth like a lion and said,

"No more pushing, not for me, not anymore."

Walking out of the gym that day,

Quickly running into my mom's car

I heard the night's wind say,

"You could have made it, you could have done it,

all you needed to do was try and you were on your way."

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