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The Final Test MAG

By Anonymous

   Ever since I started playing sports, they have grown to become a big part of my life. They have helped me grow in character, attitude, and performance both on and off the field and court. I put my heart into what I do and am determined to do my best. All the trophies, medals, and plaques are incomparable to the memories I have of the victories and defeats that remind me of what I am capable of doing. But one day, the acclaim stopped. I had torn ligaments and cartilage in my knee and reconstructive surgery was needed.

For those few weeks that I was unable to walk, I really appreciated the times when I could walk and participate in athletics. I cannot begin to explain the pain I experienced both physically and emotionally, which goes further than what is wrapped under the Ace bandage. It has been tough sitting on the sidelines watching my team play and thinking how I could be out there running those plays.

But I think everything happens for a purpose and that now is the big test to see how strong my character is. Ahead of me lies a long, curvy road which I have to travel slowly and wisely. Even though it is going to be a long time until I can play sports again. I'm going to prove to everyone and most important, to myself that I am a true athlete. Not just a person who plays sports because friends do, but an athlete who plays for the love of the sport. True athletes put their hearts and souls into each second of every game and let no one or nothing get them down or stand in the way of reaching their goals. I am determined to pass this test. I have to keep in mind that it's just another building block needed to make me a stronger person. l

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