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An Ode To The Gold MAG

By Anonymous

   With hope in his heart and determination in his soul.

A man of great stature came searching for the gold.

Dan Jansen, he is called, for that is his name,

Again made the journey seeking his rightful fame.

As the world watched with rapt attention,

Would the 1994 Winter Olympics finally make this man

worthy of mention?

A remarkable speed skater possessing both humility and


Dan Jansen had won more than many a race.

He broke world records with ease and great speed,

But still failed to win the gold, his greatest need.

In prior Olympics, he had left in disgrace,

He wanted the medal, he needed to win the ultimate race.

For Jansen, the first events ended in crushing defeat,

This determined skater again failed to win the meet.

As the final event approached with great speed,

Jansen and the world wondered, would this man fulfill his


And then in a flash, the finish line he had passed,

The medal he sought was his prize at last!

With great pride, this famous, but humble soul,

Accepted his validation, his medal of gold.

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